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Robotic prostatectomy an option for men with advanced prostate cancer

Increasing evidence supports surgery as the first step in treating high risk and locally advanced prostate cancer, with multiple studies citing improved local control and lower risk of death from cancer compared to radiation therapy as primary treatment.  Even when cancer has already begun to spread from the prostate there may still be a role for surgery, which significantly reduces the risk of complications from the growing tumour, and may also slow the spread of the cancer.   Dr Moon and colleagues have now demonstrated the feasibility of robotic prostatectomy for selected men with early spread of disease outside the prostate in a study to be published in Prostate International.   Complication rates were extremely low, and the small group of men studied rapidly regained bladder control.  This will be a topic for ongoing and future research.


Katelaris N, Murphy D, Lawrentschuk N, Katelaris A, Moon D.  Cytoreductive surgery for men with metastatic prostate cancer. Prostate International (In Press 2016)

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