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PRIMARY trial: PSMA PET scanning for diagnosis of prostate cancer

CLICK HERE to read the ground-breaking PRIMARY trial which A/Prof Moon was a significant contributor to, and is the largest study looking at the use of PET scanning for the diagnosis of prostate cancer.  In this trial, men suspected of prostate cancer who had a prostate MRI then underwent a PSMA PET scan which significantly improved the accuracy of detection.  These findings show that the addition of PET scanning can pick up those cancers missed by MRI, and on the other hand, help men avoid a biopsy if both MRI and PET scans are negative. 


A/Prof Moon is now involved in designing the Australia wide PRIMARY 2 study to investigate this further. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 10.37.47 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 8.29.08 am.png
Robotic surgery can remove kidney cancer even in high risk situation

CLICK HERE to read the international trial published  Aug 2021 by A/Prof Moon in the British Journal of Urology showing that robotic surgery can remove cancers from kidneys even in high risk situations when kidney function is poor or only one kidney is present.  Previously these patients may have faced more complicated open surgery or dialysis, however with current robotic surgical techniques can be offered removal of cancer through a keyhole operation with less complications, more rapid recovery, and preservation of kidney function

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 11.13.13 am.png

Large central cancer within a solitary kidney.  This was removed with robotic surgery by A/Prof Moon and the patient discharged in 3 days with preserved kidney function

Victorian Government announces funding for Australian Medical Robotics Academy 

A/Prof Moon was involved in the establishment of AMRA which began construction on a state of the art robotic surgery training academy late 2018.  This centre will be set up to train surgeons of all specialties to perform robotic surgery and will include two full scale simulated operating theatres, virtual reality training, and advanced 3-D printed dissection models.  The first workshop was held in August 2019.  Click here for A/Prof Moon's interview on ABC

A/Prof Moon demonstrating simulated robotic surgery at the first AMRA workshop, August 2019

The Australian Medical Robotic Academy opened August 2019

Ten News interview - A/Prof Moon presents at the 19th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference August 2018

Recent publications by A/Prof Moon outline the current status of prostate cancer and kidney cancer surgery

Robotic surgery superior to open surgery for kidney cancer removal

The largest  Australian study of partial kidney removal (partial nephrectomy) for kidney cancer published by A/Prof Moon [1] has shown significant benefits of robotic surgery, with advanced keyhole surgical techniques used to remove cancers without having to remove the entire kidney.

Robotic prostatectomy suitable for men over 70

A study published by A/Prof Moon [1] et al in the British Journal of Urology International has found that robotic prostatectomy can be offered to selected older men without an increased risk of urinary incontinence.  Based on experience in open surgery it has traditionally it has been believed that men over 70 suffer higher risk of urinary complications after ...


Robotic prostatectomy an option for men with advanced prostate cancer

Increasing evidence supports surgery as the first step in treating high risk and locally advanced prostate cancer, with multiple studies citing improved local control and lower risk of death from cancer compared to radiation therapy as primary treatment.  Even when cancer has already begun to spread from the prostate there may still be a role for surgery, ...


Robotic prostatectomy confirmed to hold significant advantages over open surgery in a Victorian audit

In a study of over 5500 men undergoing radical prostatectomy over a three year period in Victoria, the outcomes of open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery were compared.  Men who had robotic surgery recovered significantly faster, with hospital stay 2-3 days less than open surgery, and required far fewer blood transfusions (2% compared to 17% in ...


First Australian publication of robotic partial nephrectomy for kidney cancer

Dr Moon has published the first reported Australian series of robotic partial nephrectomy.  This is an exciting application of robotic surgery, allowing  the kidney to be saved while a tumour is carefully excised from it.  With the magnified vision and dexterity of robotic instruments, larger and deeper tumours than previously thought possible can be removed ...


International multicenter group studies outcomes of robotic kidney surgery

Dr Moon has joined a group of surgeons from North America, Europe, and India, forming the Vattikuti Global Quality Initiative on Robotic Urologic Surgery. This group pools clinical data to study outcomes of robotic partial nephrectomy, compare techniques, and analyse the best utilization of robotic surgery in patients with kidney cancer.  A number ...


4th National Bladder and Kidney Cancer Symposium

Dr Moon convened the fourth National Bladder and Kidney Cancer Symposium at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, February 11-13 2016.  This was well attended by cancer specialists from Australia and New Zealand, who heard local and international experts lecturing on latest advances in these Urological cancers.  Distinguished international guests included ...

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