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Robotic prostatectomy confirmed to hold significant advantages over open surgery in a Victorian audit

In a study of over 5500 men undergoing radical prostatectomy over a three year period in Victoria, the outcomes of open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgery were compared.  Men who had robotic surgery recovered significantly faster, with hospital stay 2-3 days less than open surgery, and required far fewer blood transfusions (2% compared to 17% in private hospitals).  Using economic modeling these advantages can be shown to offset the increased costs of robotic surgery in high volume centres.

1. Basto M, Sathianathan N, Marvelde LT, Ryan S, Goad J, Lawrentschuk N, Costello AJ, Moon D, Heriot A, Butler J, Murphy DG.  A patterns of care and health economic analysis of robotic radical prostatectomy in the Australian public health system.  BJU Int (In Press, epub Sep 9 2015) ​

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